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New Ins Creative Planet Corrugated Mirror English Phone Case

New Ins Creative Planet Corrugated Mirror English Phone Case

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New Ins Creative Planet Corrugated Mirror English Phone Case


Applicable brand: Apple
Style: back cover
Material: Acrylic
Style: cartoon
Popular elements: cartoon
Color: Creative Planet Mirror, Pink Corrugated Mirror English, Black Checkerboard Mirror, Fun Creamy Mirror, Graffiti Flower Dogs, Mirror, Green Corrugated Mirror English
Applicable models: iPhone7/8 plus, iPhonex/xs, iPhone xr, iPhone xsmax, iPhone11, iPhone11pro, iPhone11 promax, iPhone12, iPhone12pro, iPhone12pro max, Huawei P30, Huawei P30pro, Huawei P40, Huawei P40pro, Huawei MATE30, Huawei MATE30pro, Huawei MATE40, Huawei MATE40pro, Huawei nova7, Huawei nova7 pro, Huawei nova8, Huawei nova8 pro
Support customization: not supported

Package Content:
1 x phone case

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